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Smoker Box - Stainless Steel

Smoker Box - Stainless Steel

Sturdy stainless steel smoking box. Ideal for smoking with chips or pellets in your BBQ.

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When do you use a smoker box?

When you have a barbecue you want to put the best and tastiest dish on the table. If you prepare a dish on the barbecue without smoked wood, it is already delicious, but if you use a handful of smoked wood, it becomes completely delicious. Smoking gives your dish extra flavor and you can experience the barbecue experience even more. But what makes using a smoker box easier than sprinkling loose smoking wood on your coals? If you want to smoke for a short session and are using a smoker box, you can take it out of the coals when you are done without too much hassle. Sprinkle the smoking wood between the coals and you are done smoking; yes, let's see how easy it is to fish them out from between the coals...

Do you want to smoke cold? The smoker box is also indispensable. You put the smoke moth in the smoker box, place it next to your dish on the grill and you're done! How easy can it be.

If you want to smoke on a gas or electric barbecue, you will always have to use a smoker box to ensure that the smoking wood chips can do their job properly. 

For the best smoking result, it is best to soak the wood chips in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes before use. And more important; take your time and ensure that the smoke remains in the barbecue so that the smoke can penetrate the dish properly and bring out all its flavors. 

Dimensions : 22.5 x 9 centimeters

Material : stainless steel type 304

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