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Keij BBQ

Keij BBQ Grill Elevator (3 Sizes)

Keij BBQ Grill Elevator (3 Sizes)

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The benefits of a Grill Elevator for Keij BBQ's: Compact, Large, XLarge

The grill elevator is ideal for increasing the grilling surface of your Keij BBQ, so that you can grill multiple dishes at the same time.

The grill riser fits 15"/16" - 21" and 23/25" Keij BBQ's. Be sure to measure the height of your dome carefully to check whether the grill elevator fits underneath.



length: 23.5 cm

width: 30 cm 

height: 6.5 cm


Length: 26 cm

Width: 40 cm

Height: 11 cm


length: 38 cm

width: 46 cm

height: 11 cm


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