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Kamado BBQ

Dutch Oven - 4.5 QT - preseasoned - 4,25 liter

Dutch Oven - 4.5 QT - preseasoned - 4,25 liter

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The benefits of the Dutch Oven - 4.5 QT - pre-seasoned

Nice solid cast iron pan that has already been seasoned. Ideal for making delicious stews on the barbecue. This pan has a capacity of 4.25 liters. Using the accessory ring that comes with the divide and conquer, you can easily hang the pan above the hot coals or place the pan directly on the rack or in the coals.

Because the lid also has legs, you can use it turned upside down as a skillet. The Dutch Oven has a small indentation in the edge of the pan and in the lid. If you place these one above the other, air/cooking moisture can escape through them. Would you rather keep all the juices in the pan? Then turn the lid slightly and then close the pan completely.

There is a bend in the middle of the handle, so that the Dutch oven stays straight on a chain and the hook of the chain does not slide. 

This 4.25 liter cast iron pan is suitable for the 15" Kamado (directly in the coals) and larger (both in the coals and on the grill). Ideal for families and larger groups. 

Maintenance of the Dutch oven:

To keep your Dutch oven in top condition, it is important that you season the pan regularly.

Seasoning is done as follows: clean the Dutch oven thoroughly with water and dishwashing liquid. Then put it in the oven or on the barbecue (160-200 degrees) and heat the Dutch oven for at least thirty minutes. Then clean the pan and lid thoroughly with a cloth or kitchen paper.

Then grease the cast iron pan and lid with Crisco, clarified butter or rice oil and remove the excess fat with a cloth or kitchen paper. Place the Dutch oven back in the oven or on the barbecue and heat it for an hour. Then let it cool and remove the excess fat. When the pan and lid have cooled, grease the pan and lid one more time. Heat again for an hour in the oven or on the barbecue. The Dutch oven is now ready for use again.

External dimensions specifications:

  • Height excluding lid: 10 cm
  • Height including lid: 16 cm
  • Width including handles: 31 cm
  • Diameter: 25.5 cm
  • Bottom diameter: 21 cm
  • Weight: 5kg
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