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Coal Basket (4 Sizes)

Coal Basket (4 Sizes)

Ideal for removing the coal residues from your KEIJ BBQ and refilling it, but especially perfect for creating a stable air supply around your coals. This allows you to keep the temperature even more stable and reach a high temperature faster.

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The advantages of a coal basket in your KEIJ BBQ:

This coal basket ensures good air flow, less maintenance and more economical consumption of charcoal. Cleaning becomes a lot easier; Take the basket out of the BBQ, empty it above the waste bin and put it back. The basket is also easy to replenish with coal; Shake the coal basket over the waste bin to remove ash residue from the coals, place the coal basket back in the BBQ and fill it with new coal. In addition, this coal basket has a handy removable dividing wall with which two temperature zones can be created, for direct and indirect grilling. The dividing wall also makes it possible to roast delicious potatoes, for example. Light the coals in one side and place the potatoes in the other side (without coals) and let them enjoy the heat for a while until they are nice and soft.  

Determining the size of the coal basket:

This coal basket is made of strong stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures and is therefore great for use in the barbecue. We have coal baskets in 4 sizes. It is important that the right size coal basket is used, the coal basket must not get stuck in the fire bowl. There must be space between these two parts for proper air circulation in the barbecue. To find out which KEIJ BBQ this coal basket best suits, the dimensions are listed below.

Compact Coal Basket specifications:

Fits for: 15/16 inch KEIJ BBQ

Bottom diameter: 19 centimeters

Top diameter: 25.5 centimeters

Height: 10.5 centimeters

Medium Coal Basket specifications:

Fits for: 18/20 inch KEIJ BBQ

Bottom diameter: 23 centimeters

Top diameter: 30 centimeters

Height: 10.5 inches (the handle is an additional 2.5 inches)

(X)Large Coal Basket specifications:

Fits for: 21/23 inch KEIJ BBQ

Bottom diameter: 24 centimeters

Top diameter: 34 centimeters

Height: 12 inches (the handle is an additional 2.5 inches)

XXL Coal Basket specifications:

Fits for: 25 inch KEIJ BBQ

Bottom diameter: 30 centimeters

Top diameter: 42 centimeters

Height: 16 inches (the handle is an additional 2.5 inches)

Material: stainless steel type 304

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